RELAX, RENEW, REVIVE.   personal treatments specializing in sanitary spa manicures and pedicures

Welcome to a whole new personal experience.  Nail Therapist is a fresh, new, and unique way of providing distinctive nail care.  It starts with you. Feeling comfortable and assured that we only provide the best service, in a relaxing and sanitary environment.  Some salons use the same implements on multiple clients without disinfecting them between clients.  YUCK!  Nail Therapist uses a hospital-grade disinfectant for ALL our metal, sanitizable implements.  The rest are tossed out.  And for diabetic and elderly, we can provide special care for foot conditions.  Just another way we strive to be your first choice for personal therapy.

  • Nail care services should NEVER hurt!  We take extreme care and time to assure that our services not only looks great, but feels great too!
  • Sanitation is key!  Every client is treated with a NEW nail file for each service.  Out with the old, in with the new!
  • Always up-to-date!  We continually update our nail education by attending trade shows, seminars, and hands-on classes.  It is our joy to bring you the latest techniques with new and fun nail products.
  • No MMA.  When receiving quality nail services, you should always ask.  

Pampering is perfect for any occasion.

Gift Certificates are available for the special someone in your life.

welcome to your nail therapist